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My New Dye Studio

I recently had to go to the UK in rather unhappy circumstances… I closed my Etsy shop and worked hard to get those outstanding orders out the door. I’m now back and attempting to pick up where I left off, and in my absence my wonderful husband converted the dilapidated workshop behind the garage into my shiny (well not that shiny) new Dye Studio! He used recycled wood and salvaged stuff wherever he could and hey presto! There it was on my return!

Yesterday I used it for the first time – radio on, and the sun shining in (he even put up blinds in case the sun got too hot)! More of what I dyed up coming soon.

I love it and anticipate many happy hours out there. Thank you Mr. Wonderful!



New Dye to Order Gradients

I’m working on some new gradients – Tamarind Sunset has been very successful and I need some new gradients to keep it company. It’s a lot of fun developing new ones 🙂

Here I have the Tamarind sunset in the top left – on Ginseng fine silk, a new Mermaid’s Tale (yes her story) on an Austalian wool lace yarn (Acai)  and Spring Protea on my favourite White Cloud base.

Link to my dto gradient shop on Etsy

Sock and Silk

Later today I’ll be having a small update in my Etsy shop … I think of it as pre -Spring (although we’re already in the throes of the Season). Featuring some new colors in my new sock yarn as well as my luxury silks – Blackbirds in Flight (a deep rich aubergine), Honey Mustard (Mustardseed on the Sock) and The Mermaids Tale (a variegated yarn with blues and greens). 

Green Tea Yarns