Yellow commission

One of the reasons I love commissions is that they can take you in a totally different direction than you would choose for yourself… But one that you find enjoyable and in this case happy! A Sunny Happy yellow.



One thing I’ve learned from my course is about the need for consistency. This is not something that comes naturally – but I’m going to try to update my blogs every week or so. I don’t imagine that is going to last all that long 🙂

To kick off the week I decided to explore the colour Yellow. This was prompted by the commission for a good sunny yellow and had me testing and sampling to come up with a perfect sunny yellow! More on that later.



Well I didn’t bckgdcolorbox0916200x200expect to be back posting so soon!

I’m working on a social media marketing course and need to have some of you complete a survey for me. Green Tea Yarns survey

Let me know you’ve entered (because I think the survey is anonymous) and I’ll enter everyone into a free drawing for a skein of my luxury yarn at the end of the year.


Now on Etsy!

I’m amazed at the time it takes to go from idea to listing … there’s a lot to consider and explore, and then sometimes it doesn’t quite meet my idea of something I want to list. Some things are just better viewed in person!

Having said that… I have two new yummy gradients that are dye to order and one that didn’t quite make the cut but I know will appeal to someone (you’ll have to head to my Etsy store to see that one :-).

My Green Tea Yarns Etsy store

New Dye to Order Gradients

I’m working on some new gradients – Tamarind Sunset has been very successful and I need some new gradients to keep it company. It’s a lot of fun developing new ones 🙂

Here I have the Tamarind sunset in the top left – on Ginseng fine silk, a new Mermaid’s Tale (yes her story) on an Austalian wool lace yarn (Acai)  and Spring Protea on my favourite White Cloud base.

Link to my dto gradient shop on Etsy

Bay Quilters

Yesterday I took the plunge and set up shop at the Bay Quilters show in Beaumaris Library. I went with somewhat low expectations for the day – It was the day of one of the most major sporting events on the Victorian Calendar (Friday was even a holiday for it) – the Footy Final (AFL). And I wasn’t entirely convinced that quilters would buy yarn. But was I wrong! My Ginseng silk was nearly sold out – leaving low stock for day 2 – but I’m not complaining!

Sock and Silk

Later today I’ll be having a small update in my Etsy shop … I think of it as pre -Spring (although we’re already in the throes of the Season). Featuring some new colors in my new sock yarn as well as my luxury silks – Blackbirds in Flight (a deep rich aubergine), Honey Mustard (Mustardseed on the Sock) and The Mermaids Tale (a variegated yarn with blues and greens). 

Green Tea Yarns