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One thing I’ve learned from my course is about the need for consistency. This is not something that comes naturally – but I’m going to try to update my blogs every week or so. I don’t imagine that is going to last all that long 🙂

To kick off the week I decided to explore the colour Yellow. This was prompted by the commission for a good sunny yellow and had me testing and sampling to come up with a perfect sunny yellow! More on that later.




Well I didn’t bckgdcolorbox0916200x200expect to be back posting so soon!

I’m working on a social media marketing course and need to have some of you complete a survey for me. Green Tea Yarns survey

Let me know you’ve entered (because I think the survey is anonymous) and I’ll enter everyone into a free drawing for a skein of my luxury yarn at the end of the year.


Now on Etsy!

I’m amazed at the time it takes to go from idea to listing … there’s a lot to consider and explore, and then sometimes it doesn’t quite meet my idea of something I want to list. Some things are just better viewed in person!

Having said that… I have two new yummy gradients that are dye to order and one that didn’t quite make the cut but I know will appeal to someone (you’ll have to head to my Etsy store to see that one :-).

My Green Tea Yarns Etsy store

Bay Quilters

Yesterday I took the plunge and set up shop at the Bay Quilters show in Beaumaris Library. I went with somewhat low expectations for the day – It was the day of one of the most major sporting events on the Victorian Calendar (Friday was even a holiday for it) – the Footy Final (AFL). And I wasn’t entirely convinced that quilters would buy yarn. But was I wrong! My Ginseng silk was nearly sold out – leaving low stock for day 2 – but I’m not complaining!

Etsy shop update coming September 10

While I wait for a new shipment of yarn to arrive for my Spring collection I’ve been working on some ideas I’ve had on the back burner for a while… And the effects are somewhat interesting!

The two at the front are the same recipe and really show the difference a fibre can make to the Color – the right version is White Cloud (a gorgeously soft merino and silk yarn) and the blue/green one on the left is Rainflower lace – the colour effect on this yarn is stunning!.